Dental Sealants

Prevent Tooth Decay With Dental Sealants

Protect Your Teeth From Cavities

Our team at Patrick Jones DDS works to make sure your smile looks great and is protected from harmful cavities. Cavities aren't just painful, they can also cause gum disease and tooth loss. We accept all major PPO Dental Insurance plans for all fillings and sealants and have financing options available.

Stop Cavity Pain by Applying Quality Sealants

If you suffer from cavities or weakened teeth, you need sealants and fillings to stop your cavity pain fast. Patrick Jones DDS works with you to find the perfect filling and sealant options, including new invisible sealants.

Our Sealant Services

  • Sealants
  • Fillings
  • Cavity protection
  • Caps
  • Invisible sealant
Dental Checkup

Prevent Future Cavities

Just because you don't have a cavity now doesn't mean you can't get one in the future. If you have deep set teeth or crowded teeth, you may be eligible for cavity protection. Ask about our preventative sealants.
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