Night Guards and Mouth Guards

Reliable Night Guards and Mouth Guards

Prevent Teeth Damage With Mouth and Night Guards

Often, sports and teeth grinding can cause damage to the crucial enamel or your teeth. Protect them day and night with precision cut mouth and night guards from Patrick Jones DDS. Receive $50 off additional services after your first visit.

Protect Against Bruxism and TMJ

Teeth grinding and TMJ can not only cause you to suffer from jaw and mouth pain but can also result in damaging the enamel of your teeth. Patrick Jones DDS provides expert mouth and night guard fittings to help protect your teeth from grinding and enamel loss.

Sports Mouth Guards

Often, playing sports can result in damaged or lost teeth. We work with you to find the perfect mouth guards to protect your teeth. Before stepping out on the court, ensure your teeth are always taken care of.
We have a night guard for those who grind their teeth.
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