Regular Checkups

Maintain a Glowing Smile With Regular Checkups

Let Us Help Ensure Your Teeth Stay Healthy

Tooth decay can happen quickly if you don't receive adequate dental care. Patrick Jones DDS offers expert dental checkups to help keep your teeth healthy and shining. First-time visit? Receive $50 off your next service within two weeks of your first appointment.

Get Routine Dental Checkups

The key to keeping your smile dazzling white and healthy is to schedule routine checkups with us! We recommend annual to biannual checkups each year to remove plaque from your teeth and ensure your gums stay healthy.

Our Checkup Services

  • Cleanings
  • X-rays
  • Flossing
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Disease testing
We have 32-inch smart TVs to put in images of X-rays for a detailed view.
Dental checkup

Stop Dental Problems Before They Start

80% of the general population are entirely unaware that they have the chronic periodontal disease. Schedule biannual checkups with Patrick Jones DDS and receive disease testing and prevention services. If a disease is caught, we offer charting and diagnostic services as well as scaling, irrigation, and root planning services.

Our meticulous "soft tissue management program," which includes clear information, careful instruction, and thorough in-office therapy, will get your smile back to its healthiest possible condition.
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