Toothbrushes and Sonicare

Quality Dental Care Products

We Make Brushing Fun

Whether you enjoy manual toothbrushes or want your electric brush to do all the work, Patrick Jones DDS has a variety of toothbrush options for you to choose from. We will consult with you to find your perfect brush.

Electric Toothbrush Options

A manual toothbrush is sometimes not enough for those with severe dental issues. We have a variety of electric toothbrushes available for you to choose from. We will work to understand your concerns involving your smile and recommend the perfect product.

Toothbrushes We Offer

  • Manual toothbrushes
  • Sonicare toothbrushes
  • Electric toothbrushes
  • Dental equipment

Products to Improve Your Dental Health

We don't just care for your teeth. We have a variety of dental products available for purchase. From gum care to water flosses, ask about our complete line of tooth care. We also offer home whitening products for a brighter smile!
We take good care of you.
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The best way to maintain a clean and healthy smile is brushing and flossing. Call us today to learn more about our dental products!
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